Band of Horses

I am not a big fan of Infinite Arms. I think it is a watered-down version of Band of Horses’ prior work, and ultimately I have not been at all impressed. It’s taken this long to write about the record, and in the past with this band, I’d have worn the record thin by now if I’d enjoyed it. The band is at its best when it is rocking out or utilizing Ben Bridwell’s honey-seeped voice in slower tracks. Not much of either of those things happen on this record. Sure their not so great is better than a lot of other band’s best, but Andy wondered when the band became a Yacht-Rock outfit, and the question is valid. I sure hope this sound doesn’t last.

I don’t even know which song to use from the album it’s that blasé.

Band Of Horses – Compliments (mp3) from Infinite Arms