Bad Veins

According to the bio on the band’s site, Bad Veins was originally intended to be a solo project for singer Benjamin Davis, and only after playing one gig, drummer Sebastian Schultz was brought in.  The Cincinnati duo’s resulting music is a mix of downtrodden electro and punk, as evidenced by the two tracks we’re posting today; “Go Home” has manufactured beats, smoky horns and melancholy.  “Gold and Warm” boasts a more jagged take to on the melancholy.  I’m equally enamored with both.

The band is set to start a quick tour with Frightened Rabbit, and then five dates with Two Door Cinema Club after that.  And for some reason, they have a longer set of dates with the post-hardcore Thrice.  The first couple of pairings seem more apropos, but whatever works.  Check out the dates they have lined up over at their website, and have an excellent weekend.

Bad Veins – Go Home (mp3) from Bad Veins

Bad Veins – Gold and Warm (mp3) from Bad Veins