AEONS – Where the Sky Meets the Sea

After talking about AEONS last week, the band was kind enough to send along a new track, which is from their forthcoming EP.  The EP, entitled Beyond the Satellites, was produced by Diamond Cut, and will be released for free on June 16th on the band’s MySpace.  Until then, you’ll have to make do with this track, which is an updated version of “Where the Sky Meets the Sea.”  And it’s not a bad way to have to wait out the next ten days or so.

Honestly, I haven’t heard the original track to know how much different it’s become, but that doesn’t particularly matter.  This version looms large, filling the space throughout the room with it’s danceable, pensive electro-rock.  It reminds me of a version of Muse where their guitars are replaced with only synth.

Check the band’s MySpace for additional information, and for the EP once it’s released.  The band has one tour date listed, in their hometown of Sydney.  I’d have to imagine more will be in the works.

AEONS – Where the Sky Meets the Sea (mp3) from the forthcoming Beyond the Satellites EP