1000 Minutes: Dave #59

As this latest edition of my 1K posts, I will be likely asleep. I happen to be in Portland, Oregon, and am probably asleep due to there being a time difference and everything. Andy and I are both out west for our friend’s wedding and we scheduled some stuff in advance to keep a steady flow on the site. My computer is back at home and so is Andy’s. We are off the radar. As for my two latest selections, I can’t think of a better pair of songs to bring me past the half way point of this list.

120. Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened (mp3) from Microcastle (5:50) [Time Remaining: 457:40]

121. Atlas Sound – Walkabout [w/ Noah Lennox] (mp3) from Logos (3:58) [Time Remaining: 453:42]

I’m writing this post fairly quickly, and as such I am using two songs by an artist whose music I’ve grown to be particularly fond of. I would be hard pressed to name someone whose last several pieces of work, while being completely different entities in and of themselves, have appealed to me so much as that of Bradford Cox. I’ve written about both these songs in the past, so if you care, feel free to check the back-logs for what ever I had to say at the time. My positive feelings have only increased about each, hence their inclusion here.