1000 Minutes: Dave #58

One more song and I’ll go past the midway point of this exercise. I have a pretty excellent playlist thus far, but still the impending end of this project has me somewhat sad. What will I write about on Fridays?

118. God Lives Underwater – All Wrong (mp3) from Empty (4:53) [Time Remaining: 507:55]

I was just a kid when this song began getting play on WBER here in Rochester. There are so many songs over the many years of my listenership of the station that I’ve enjoyed that I probably don’t even remember a good deal of them. I suppose I never forgot this song, but my memory was recently prompted and I knew I had my first subject for this week’s 1K. The song may not hold up quite as I remember it, but it is still damn good and worthy of inclusion here.

119. The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead (mp3) from Keep Your Eyes Ahead (4:25) [Time Remaining: 503:30]

If this wasn’t my favorite track of 2008, it was quite close to being so. This, for all intents and purposes, is close to being a perfect song. There are few elements that don’t hit home-runs on their own merit, and when you put all of them together you get one smash-bang hell of a hit.