1000 Minutes: Dave #57

As always, go here if you don’t know what this project is about. I’ll be updating the newest additions soon. I can’t do it early for it might ruin the surprise so many are waiting for with bated breath.

116. Tortoise and Bonnie ‘Prince” Billy – Thunder Road (mp3) from The Brave and the Bold (6:28) [Time Remaining: 518:46]

I am not what you could consider a fan of Bruce Springsteen. For certain he is an excellent song-writer and artist in his own right, he is just not of a style I particularly enjoy. As such it is not his performing skills I admire today, it is his writing chops along with the talents of Tortoise and Will Oldham that make this particular song worthy of inclusion within my 1000 Minutes. Taken from an album of cover songs collaborated upon by the aforementioned Tortoise along with Oldham, aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and titled after the DC Comics series in which different superheroes were teamed up for each issue, “Thunder Road” is actually the only song from it I’ve heard. It is nearly unrecognizable from the original, and that is all for the better in my opinion. It is desperate and weird and cool as shit.

117. The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony (mp3) from Urban Hymns (5:58) [Time Remaining: 512:48]

I’m not certain this will be the only track from Urban Hymns that will ultimately comprise my 1K, but this is the obvious inclusion. I don’t care if it is alike any other song, in this form it is genius regardless of its borrowings.

  • mark

    Dave, you have to listen to “Pancho” off the same album. Great stuff.