1000 Minutes: Dave #56

Just as I thought, no one is interested in counting up our minutes used to see if we are correct in our calculations thus far. Oh well. Go here to figure out what this project is about if you have no idea.

114. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (mp3) from Fever To Tell (3:39) [Time Remaining: 529:55]

I put this song up very shortly after the inception of Tympanogram in a post dedicated to break up songs. Written about the relationship between Karen O. and Liars’ front-man Angus Andrew, the title is an acronym for “My Angus Please Stay.” This is the most devastatingly painful and so openly sincere song that somehow never comes close to descending into parody – like so many of its brethren do – that I can think of. It also rocks my socks off, if I were to have a loose sock syndrome of some kind.

115. Ra Ra Riot – Oh, La (mp3) from The Rhumb Line (4:41) [Time Remaining: 525:14]

Another duplicate between Andy’s list and mine, “Oh, La” is easily the most indelible track from both The Rhumb Line itself and any live performance you may take in by the talented sextet from Syracuse. As time goes on my remembrance of the Ra Ra Riot show we wrote up last year whittles down almost entirely to the performance the band gave the crowd of this song. It was intense, beautiful, engaging and incredibly sexy. It has colored my fondness for this track ever since.