1000 Minutes: Dave #55

If anyone has an epic amount of time they are looking to waste, I have a project for you. If feeling ambitious I task you with going from installment one all the way to installment fifty-five of both Andy’s and my 1K to see if we’ve calculated the time used properly. Go by the time length of each song we’ve listed and figure out if our backwards time-stamps are correct or not. I’ll bet we’re pretty accurate, though I wouldn’t at all be surprised if one of us made an error some where down the line. If feeling ambitious, have at it. Any takers? I doubt it.

112. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends (mp3) from Sound Of Silver (7:37) [Time Remaining: 536:24]

I didn’t know when would be a good time to put this track up. It is our statement as a blog regarding our involvement with Strangers In Stereo upon my suggestion, and I think it was an apt choice. No one needs me to explain why this track is one of the greatest from the last decade, so I won’t try. But this is a damn near perfect song.

113. The Futureheads – Meantime (mp3) from The Futureheads (2:50) [Time Remaining: 533:34]

Despite this track being a mix staple of mine, Futureheads are not a band I often come back to. This has less to do with the band’s output than it does my general music preferences. I like the occasional Futureheads song, but the vast majority of their songs and sound overall miss me slightly. This song does not.