1000 Minutes: Dave #54

Despite being ahead of Andy only slightly in tracks used to this point, he is rather far ahead of me in actual time used. I don’t think he prefers songs of greater length in general, it more has to do with his use of an entire John Coltrane album in one post. At this rate he is going to finish quite a bit before me, yet that is still pretty far into the unforeseeable future. So, as always, go here to see my entire list thus far.

110. The Music – Turn Out The Light (mp3) from The Music (6:23) [Time Remaining: 548:16]

This album sound-tracked a great deal of my college drinking years. Before heading out to destinations beyond our apartment, my roommates and I would play various adult-beverage motivated games while I blasted this record from my room. This song in particular is of the brand of slow builders I adore so much, culminating in a rocking climax. The entire album experience is a very fond memory; this song is a highlight.

111. Mint Royale – Don’t Falter (mp3) from On The Ropes (4:15) [Time Remaining: 544:01]

We’ve posted this track previously on the blog, but perhaps Andy did it because it is not going to end up on his 1K like it has mine. This track is infectiously upbeat and does not falter in equating love with summer. I would silently question a person who decided they were not fond of this track to find out who jilted them so terribly.