1000 Minutes: Dave #53

All I tend to be doing with this project is rehashing the same bands and choosing different songs I tend to love. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing and I’m not prepared to examine the issue further at this point. So, as always, go here if you are interested in finding what this project is all about and to see what I have used so far.

108. Deftones – Crenshaw (mp3) from B-Sides & Rarities (4:49) [Time Remaining: 560:00]

I will forever be a Deftones fan. It is within my DNA to enjoy this band and the vast majority of their music. While their sound isn’t exactly what I prefer these days in terms of contemporaries, I still purchase what ever they produce. This song is actually a b-side off the “Change” single that I got by going to WBER while they were giving it away on some early Friday morning before school. The fact that I rank it in the top two songs from a band, whose catalog I nearly entirely enjoy, says something. Though of what it says exactly, I am still uncertain. Maybe it’s that this band, regardless of their genre, is so good that an extra track which didn’t fit on a record is still great. Great enough even to be a favorite of a guy who doesn’t exactly associate with that genre any longer.

109. My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (mp3) from It Still Moves (5:21) [Time Remaining: 554:39]

I’ve told the story before, but the first time I heard My Morning Jacket was when they opened for Doves several years ago at a show here in Rochester. I saw these incredibly hairy men banging their heads intensely to the most melodic rock music I had heard. Perhaps it was the juxtaposition of the band’s look coupled with their music that was both bewildering and entrancing, nonetheless I greatly enjoyed the show and went out and found as much music by the band as I could. Obviously I still enjoy the band’s work today, and many more people have come to adore them in the subsequent years, perhaps also due to their live shows. The second time I saw them live was an outdoor show in Buffalo with Wilco. MMJ was inside the fences warming up to this particular favorite while the rest of us attendees were waiting to enter. I thought it a very sound idea to pump up the waiting spectators to say the least.