1000 Minutes: Dave #52

Andy is off to NYC for the weekend while I languor at home. That is apropos of nothing other than my wish to visit the city, and perhaps take in a baseball game or two like he is doing this weekend. Anyways, go here to see the rest of my list up ’til now.

106. Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Roslyn (mp3) from New Moon OST (4:49) [Time Remaining: 568:07]

Regardless of what a song is associated with, where it comes from, or even why it was written, doesn’t always matter. Case in point is  this incredibly beautiful song by one of the best song writers of the moment, Bon Iver, from the soundtrack of a less than stellar film. I am not exactly proud to state I’ve seen the film, though I can say with extreme confidence the scene in the movie where this song is used is without a doubt it’s best. Though I might expect a scene in any film that happens to use this song in it to be great.

107. Nada Surf – Always Love (mp3) from The Weight Is A Gift (3:18) [Time Remaining: 564:49]

It is odd to think that the band responsible for “Popular” has proven itself again and again to be much more than a novelty act.  “Popular” still actually holds up as a decent song.  Perhaps some of that has to do with the indie cred the band has received in their subsequent days, writing excellent songs with decidedly less populist flair.  Or perhaps we had them pegged wrong to begin with.  As for “Always Love,” if I had to choose a song to soundtrack a moment in a movie where two people finally come to some sort of loving conclusion regarding each other, this would be the track I would use.