1000 Minutes: Dave #50

Go here to see a list of my previous one hundred and one choices for inclusion in this project that define my musical tastes.

102. The English Beat – Save It For Later (mp3) from Special Beat Service (3:30) [Time Remaining: 582:47]

The Beat, English Beat, or as I’ve known them my entire life The English Beat, formed in the late 1970’s in England as a ska revival band (there was an American band named The Beat as well). I am not a big fan of a majority of their reggae influenced work but there are a few songs that are great, “Save It For Later” obviously being one of them. I don’t actually remember the first time I heard this song, but it has been used in multiple movies I believe. It’s a fairly simple yet upbeat song that is just damn enjoyable.

103. Modest Mouse – One Chance (mp3) from Good News For People Who Love Bad News (3:01) [Time Remaining: 579:46]

It is my belief that in the past few Modest Mouse records Isaac Brock saves a few of his very best songs for the end of his usually longer-than-conventional-terms albums. Check out the last two or three tracks on the two latest records and you will see that they are all great. There is a definite science to album order, and I believe Brock subscribes to the theory of closing strong.

Regarding one of those strong closers, ‘One Chance,’ I have a strong adoration because I think it is as close to a perfect song the band has ever crafted. I would say that it is my second favorite song from Modest Mouse placed only behind the other track from the band that already populates this list. I can listen to ‘One Chance’ on repeat into oblivion and go off sinking.