1000 Minutes: Dave #49

As I move past the century mark with my list, I wish to point out that I don’t intend to make a habit of selecting multiples off one album for single editions of my 1000 Minutes, though today it was a bit unavoidable. If you know not of what I am speaking, go here to read up on my previous 99 selections.

100. Death Cab for Cutie – The Sound of Settling (mp3) from Transatlanticism (2:12) [Time Remaining: 591:49]

101. Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants (mp3) from Transatlanticism (5:32) [Time Remaining: 586:17]

I don’t have much of a defined strategy to select songs to use for this project each week. Essentially it comes down to whether or not a song struck inspiration during the week, or whether or not a song reminds me why I love it when I’m scrolling through iTunes. Today, I chose my first song through the latter method. It was inevitably going to find its way onto this list, I was just uncertain when. Today it finagled its way in, and it happened to be the first companion to the only other Death Cab song on my list, until I decided to add a third.

If there were ever an album I would describe as ‘ours’ when referring to my wife and I, this would have to be it. I got it when we were a relatively new couple in college, and though she didn’t immediately love it – she was more into Give Up at the time – she later came to consider it her favorite album ever. It is certainly up there for me, though I wouldn’t necessarily state it is my favorite of all time. It is without a doubt the best effort from Gibbard and co., but that is an easy assessment. These two songs are highlights for differing reasons that I will not be elucidating upon further today because it would take too long.

As a final word, the live performance of “We Looked Like Giants” that the band gave a few years ago here in Rochester is easily one of the best individual song performances I have ever seen in my life. It was simply incredible.