1000 Minutes: Dave #46

Everyone who lives in Rochester has an appointment tomorrow evening at the Bug Jar. So be there. In the meantime, go here to understand what I am writing about today.

93. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (mp3) from Surrealistic Pillow (2:30) [Time Remaining: 621:55]

Lewis Carroll’s 1865’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its 1871 sequel Through the Looking-Glass are some of the most oft-cited works of literature in popular culture. Specifically they are an incredible influence on my favorite show “Lost,” a fair bit throughout but especially lately. I’ve never read the books but I have a date with both of them in the near future. This song uses the imagery from the book to thinly veil drug experiences to excellent effect. For some reason I have loved this song since I was a kid. An odd choice one might think for a youngster, but I enjoyed music odd for a child.

94. Led Zeppelin – In The Evening (mp3) from In Through The Out Door (6:49) [Time Remaining: 615:06]

In high school my friends and I went to a few Laser Shows. Not because we were drunk or anything, maybe, but because we were in our old-school rock phases; deep in appreciation of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. I think I fell asleep at the Pink Floyd one, but I distinctly recall this particular Zeppelin song set to the lasers. I went out and purchased this album very shortly afterwards because it was one of the few my dad didn’t have either on cd or vinyl.