1000 Minutes: Dave #45

This morning I was able to steal an extra hour and a half or so of sleep. The kid woke up at 7:30, I fed her, then kept the lights out and covered her back up all without un-swaddling her. Magic. But while on the subject of sleep, I have had a longtime recurring series of bad dreams – those that I can actually remember – concerning my contacts. I dream that they are too large to put in and then my eyes are perpetually open and sore. I also dream they multiply within my contact case but by splitting and becoming thinner until I have three contacts a third of the size of what is normal. I do not know what these dreams mean so if anyone is into analyzing what they stand for, send me an email. But back to music, here, is my full list.

91. Pinback – Non Photo-Blue (mp3) from Summer in Abaddon (3:43) [Time Remaining: 628:49]

I bought this album on a whim several years back while browsing the used racks at my favorite local record store. That used to be a regular practice in finding new music that I rarely indulge in these days. With this record I happened to strike gold. I likely had heard one track somewhere and saw it cheap and grabbed it up. I could probably list the entire album somewhere, but this song is easily my favorite. The entire album, especially this track, is filled with bleak and imagery filled lyrics set to very precise and tight arrangements. Simple poetry.

92. Delays – Long Time Coming (mp3) from Faded Seaside Glamour (4:24) [Time Remaining: 624:25]

Upon first hearing this song in a damn jewelry ad, I fell in love with it. With a sappy, shimmery little riff set to an upbeat tempo it is no less catchy than the indelible “There She Goes.” I tend to agree with that comparison, which I’ve read in multiple places, to The La’s song that already occupies a place on my list. Catchy and heartwarming, it’s an easy song to fall in love with.