1000 Minutes: Dave #42

By now, if anyone happens to be paying attention, it is likely easy to tell what types of music both Andy and myself are most often drawn to. Then again, no one has likely analyzed our musical tastes much further than either agreeing with our selections or not. If anyone is into some analysis (or simple math checking to see if we messed up our time countdown at all) check this for my full list thus far.

85. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Another Morning Stoner from Source Tags & Codes (4:33) [Time Remaining: 651:32]

As a college student I was unaware of a very large swath of music. I began exploring new music at the apex of the Napster days and came across a lot of new Brit-pop, shoe-gaze and various other genres I soon began to enjoy and into delved deeper. I believe a friend of my roommate brought this record to my attention and I loved it. Sure, the band name is a well documented suck, but their talent clearly lies outside assigning monikers. Given a rare 10.0 on Pitchfork, I am less hyperbolic, though there are certainly bits that are excellent. I could also put ‘How Near, How Far’ on this list eventually, but today this will do fine.

86. Beirut – Postcards from Italy from Gulag Orkestar (4:17) [Time Remaining: 647:15]

Zach Condon could write hundreds of songs and not come close to the majesty of ‘Postcards From Italy.’ To have written it before having met the age of twenty makes it all the more awe inspiring. Instantly fetching with a taut loop of ukulele, driving majorette drums and pleasing horns set to vocals conveying wisdom beyond nineteen years.