1000 Minutes: Dave #40

I know I’m not even close to finishing up my allotment of minutes, but I have a slight sense of dread regarding the completion of this project. Not only is it great to have something set to write about each week, but also for the obvious reason of ensuring that when I finish this list I have little to no regret with my ultimate selections. For now that worry is pointless, so go here to see what I’ve done so far, and meanwhile ponder what your own list might consist of.

81. Deerhunter – Never Stops (mp3) from Microcastle (3:04) [Time Remaining: 667:41]

Perhaps unfortunately, since starting this blog I listen to music almost with a review-like mentality. I try to listen to music, whether it is widely discussed/reviewed or not, so that I can form an opinion within a reasonable time frame following a release. This is not overarching and absolute, but it does guide the way I choose what I listen to and when. Microcastle, despite having been released in 2008, occupied a large portion of my 2009 hours. No opinions necessary, just enjoyment. ‘Never Stops’ highlighted that persistent enjoyment.

82. Broken Social Scene – KC Accidental (mp3) from You Forgot It In People (3:50) [Time Remaining: 663:51]

Selecting a song from this album is akin to choosing which exact bite of a favorite meal that you enjoyed most, albeit from a meal you have the luxury of being able to replicate. Is it possible to choose the best bite of something that is best consumed as a whole? And if all of the morsels are just as good as the next how can you differentiate? You Forgot It In People is properly regarded as a modern masterpiece by many reputable outlets. When selecting just one song to represent a veritable ‘best of’ album, the choice can be problematic. My selection was the first to leave an indelible mark upon me, and as such I have ‘rewarded’ it with a position in my list. The song is titled after the name of the original incarnation of Broken Social Scene, consisting of frontman Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin. Considering it unbecoming to gush further, I will leave the description of this song to a better wordsmith than I over at Pitchfork: ” ‘KC Accidental,’ which blasts searing, super-melodic guitar, a drumkit alternately galloping and relentlessly beaten, and an impenetrable wall of accelerating orchestration, before crash-landing into a deliquescent pop lullaby.”