1000 Minutes: Dave #39

After such a long break in doing our 1000 Minutes, one might think I would be certain which songs I intended to write about. That is not the case, as it never is with this project. Each selection takes much consideration to ensure it is not a wasted pick. I don’t consider how my project looks as a whole to others for approval, I just want to ensure I don’t regret a pick down the line for any reason at all. I know I’m not changing the world with my choices, but this still feels as if it is an important exercise. As always, go here if you are completely unaware of what this post is about.

79. Klaxons – Golden Skans (mp3) from Myths Of The Near Future (2:45) [Time Remaining: 674:24]

Upon first hearing this song, I did not know what to think. I hadn’t quite experienced anything like it previously and was instantly mesmerized. I believe that I listened to it several times in a row just to take it all in. Over time it lost a bit of its luster, yet has since regained some of it back due to its diminished saturation level. I am eager to hear what this young band will come up with next after the many issues they have encountered working on a follow up. Being told by a label that your work is too experimental and dense to release, before agreeing and then reworking things must be difficult. Regardless of what they come up with, I would like to hear that which the label said needed reworking.

80. Minus the Bear – Knights (mp3) from Planet of Ice (3:39) [Time Remaining: 670:45]

Songs that instantly hit me usually do so not because of lyrics, but rather an indelible instrumentation or overall musical feeling. The harmony of the vocals along with each and every musical note played in this song were instantly catching to my ears. I can’t adequately describe the feelings I get from this song, but I associate it with a time in my life that was overwhelming yet very good. As I mentioned in my Bombay Bicycle Club post, this particular album has been in my car for over two years now. Whenever listening to it I still get the same feelings that I developed while initially forming my opinion of it a few years back. Almost as if there is an aura to the album now that is familiar, with this song being the most evocative.