1000 Minutes: Dave #36

The past few days I have been spending a great deal of my time both holding an infant and watching loads of television shows recorded on my DVR. Each new television season my wife and I set a bunch of premiering shows (in addition to our old standbys) to record for consumption. We slowly weed the new shows down and quit watching what we don’t enjoy. In doing so I always come across characters in shows I would weed out. I think I do this in most shows I watch, even those I truly enjoy. But in newer shows I think about it more often because the show, and therefore its characters, are not yet established.

Specifically, in two new shows we have watched, I would weed out characters I find annoying. We have been watching NBC’s comedy Community and for the most part have enjoyed it. My main issue with the show is Chevy Chase’s character. Maybe it is the actor’s inherent dislikability, or the character’s uselessness, but I think the show would be better off without him.

On the other hand we have also been watching the show Flash Forward. I really liked the pilot but it has gone steadily down hill from there. One of the two lead females on the show (not Penny) is a horrible actress. I couldn’t even tell you her character’s name but in the most recent episode we’ve watched, and we’re pretty far behind now, she was shot. All I could think of was that I hoped they bumped her off, even though I knew it wasn’t coming.

So, I suppose my useless ramblings have a connection to this project, however remote, but really it was just an easy way to write about these two characters that I find to be less than essential. Hopefully these songs aren’t that for you, because they certainly are not less than essential for me.

73. Ben Folds Five – Army (mp3) from The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner (3:22) [Time Remaining: 705:04]

I’ve never been as big a fan of Mr. Folds’ work as most of my friends. Honestly I enjoy some of his poppy-er type songs more than some of his piano centered sad-bastard/angry-bastard work. This song is my favorite of his entire catalogue, Five or solo, and I’ll always have the memory of it being the first song played during the dinner portion of my wedding reception. Immediately following a speech while nearly everyone was peculiarly quiet, the DJ played this song. Now, Mr. Folds uses a swear quite early on in the song. When everyone was fairly quiet and the song began, I knew right away a loud ‘fuck’ was going to be heard by everyone in the room. Maybe no one noticed, but I thought it was a little bit funny. That only added to my ultimate enjoyment of the song, because would I otherwise have put it on my very strict wedding playlist?

74. Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio (mp3) from Ghosts Of The Great Highway (6:21) [Time Remaining: 698:43]

And I drop to under 700 minutes remaining in my 1000 minutes with another song from Mark Kozelek. Essentially the same band as Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon didn’t derive from the formula all that much. Another slow, melodic and gorgeous song with amazing lyrics and beautiful vocals that match the melodies perfectly. Love lost, or perhaps not reciprocated, is not a feeling I’ve ever experienced, yet that fact does not make this song any less affecting. But once again, I love the song mostly because of the sound and feel I get from it, not the actual lyrical meaning.