1000 Minutes: Dave #35

When thinking about this week’s post and what songs I would use, I considered the following question: How do we as individuals form our musical leanings? The classic argument of nature versus nurture can be applied here but is by no means overarching. Are individual musical tastes predetermined at birth or formed during our lifetimes by what we hear? Does what our parents listen to positively and/or negatively influence what musical sounds we enjoy? Are humans predisposed to music at all? Certainly children whose parents listen to one genre of music may one day enjoy another kind entirely. I would be very interested if someone has done, or could do any research on how and why people enjoy different types of music though I doubt anything conclusive could be determined. In my case I feel there was a combination effect of both my parent’s listening habits as well as the musical-enjoyment DNA (if said genetic code exists) I inherited, or whether those things themselves are aligned somehow. Considering I wonder about things like this, it should be obvious why I find this project so interesting.

Here are the latest installments in my music DNA matches.

71. R.E.M. – Half A World Away (mp3) from Out Of Time (3:28) [Time Remaining: 713:24]

A band I grew up on, R.E.M. was essentially the first band whose music I truly loved. I recall as a kid being infatuated with the song Orange Crush off of the Green record. Not only was it my favorite track, but as a kid I wondered if it was the centerpiece of the album. As a kid I felt it was the most important song and the band was trying to slyly let people know that because it had orange in its title. The album art was orange despite the name of the record being Green, so there was obviously something important about Orange Crush that no one else knew. But also orange was (and is) my favorite color, so maybe that had something to do with it. My parents enjoyed R.E.M.’s music and still own several of the band’s 1990’s albums. I listened to all of them a great deal and still know them all by heart. Of the band’s impressive catalogue this track is one of my favorites, though there are several others very close to it.

72. Spacehog – In The Meantime (mp3) from Resident Alien (4:58) [Time Remaining: 708:26]

This is one of the first new (at the time) songs my father and I heard around the same time that we both enjoyed. Until that point I had mostly listened to my parents’ older music on compact disc and classic rock on the radio. I had always tended to enjoy whatever newer music my dad heard and enjoyed, but I also dabbled in top 40 shit for a while as most youngsters are prone to do. He didn’t enjoy that much, and I’m not certain why I did either. I don’t recall exactly when, but my father started listening to WBER and a whole new genre of music opened up by association. Around that time was essentially when I became a music fanatic. The both of us enjoyed this song in particular a great deal along with the likes of Hum and the Deftones as well as other mid-nineties alternative rock staples. These days he still listens to WBER in addition to perusing our blog from time to time when he commits to using the interweb. We still have mutual enjoyment of a great deal of newer music, though our consumption habits may have changed.