1000 Minutes: Dave #32

I’m in catch up mode, so I figured now might be the best time to use what duplicates the two of us may have come up with between our two 1K lists thus far. Obviously Andy and I will have some similar favorites. Today I will include two of my favorites that have already been represented on his list.

65. Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye (mp3) from Grace (4:32) [Time Remaining: 739:54]

There is not much I can add to the conversation about this wonderfully talented artist taken well before his time, so I will only briefly discuss my experience with this song. I have loved this song nearly my entire music listening life. Released when I was a pre-teen, the power and beauty of this song were not lost on such a young listener.

66. Josh Rouse – Winter in the Hamptons (mp3) from Nashville (3:08) [Time Remaining: 736:46]

Josh Rouse’s voice is never finer, in my opinion, than in this song and on the entire record. For me however, the timing of this song may have been more appropriate back in the spring. Much like Andy stated when he wrote about the song, listening to it is great fodder for wishing our long Rochester winters away.

Finally, as a bonus for today I am attaching this song, because I messed up and didn’t post it correctly when I initially put up the edition of my 1K that included it back in July. It is song number forty-three in my list but the song was never picked up. So here it is again.

Kings Of Leon – California Waiting (mp3) from Holy Roller Novocaine