1000 Minutes: Andy #57

I’m in a summery mood, which is apropos since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the season.  My girlfriend and I forged our way south into the Finger Lakes yesterday to Watkins Glen State Park and made our way through the gorge, then stopped at a couple of wineries on the way back through.  I hope everyone’s long weekend is progressing nicely.

Today’s installment of this project features a couple of songs that are reminiscent of warmer weather for me.  They came up during our drive yesterday, and both find themselves on my list today.  Unfamiliar with what’s going on here?  Get yourself up to speed over here.

115. Josh Rouse – Nothing Gives Me Pleasure (mp3) from Under Cold Blue Stars (3:16) [Time Remaining: 472:34]

There was a point, right around 22, when I was big into the whole singer/songwriter thing; guys with nine letters in their first and last names are generally most accessible (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Elton John, Billy Joel…), and Josh Rouse was one of my favorites.  I’ve since grown weary of the sensitivity – or perhaps more jaded – but Mr. Rouse’s easy soul still comes around to calm me down every so often.  Take this song out for a drive; it can’t miss.

116. Girls – Lust For Life (mp3) from Album (2:25) [Time Remaining: 470:09]

I think this is, to this point, the most recent song to make this list.  Despite the downer subject matter, it’s a perfect pop song; quick and longing, it sounds like how the wind blowing through your hair feels.  It’s sunburned and weary from drinking outside.  After this, I no longer need a summer jam each year. I have a song for every summer.