1000 Minutes: Andy #55

I hope everyone had themselves an excellent Mother’s Day, whether you were the one doing the doting, or were the one being doted upon.  We’re starting another work week with my take on our made-up project, which – if you don’t know what we’re talking about – can be reviewed in full over here.  Let’s get after it.

111. Gnarls Barkley – Go-Go Gadget Gospel (mp3) from St. Elsewhere (2:19) [Time Remaining: 491:49]

The opening track from Gnarls Barkley’s surprising debut, “Go-Go Gadget Gospel” opens with the sound of an old reel film starting up, and then takes off like a shot, mixing a looping horn section with (unsurprisingly) what sounds like a gospel hymn.  Beyond it’s catchiness, the song’s spiritual nature has never been lost on me – sounding exactly like what a soul that’s unshackled should.  And while the album is best known for the song after this one, this has made much more of an impression personally.

112. Ryan Adams – Firecracker (mp3) from Gold (2:52) [Time Remaining: 488:54]

I’ve already used one song from Ryan Adams’ acclaimed sophomore effort; “Firecracker” came on last night while my girlfriend and I were busy doing dishes, and it knocked me over again with it’s wheezing harmonica, drunken love and youthful energy.  Plus, it has one of the best all-time favorite lines in the history of all-time favorite lines: “kiss me slow and softly; make me dream of you.”