1000 Minutes: Andy #54

As of this post, I am more than halfway done with this project.  So, if you’ve been waiting to see the end of it, you’ve got about another 14 months or so.  Sorry.  If you’re hear and don’t know what I’m talking about, check my full list, and the rules, over here.  Be about it.

109. Andrew Bird – Armchairs (mp3) from Armchair Apocrypha (7:03) [Time Remaining: 499:02]

Multi-layered and literate, Mr. Bird’s lyrics are often more well read than I can claim to be.  Or, they may just sound that way, and not mean anything.  But either way, there’s a stark beauty running throughout his lyrics.  “Armchairs” is no different in that regard.

The centerpiece of Andrew Bird’s seminal work Armchair Apocrypha, “Armchairs” an absolute thrill to listen to.  It expands and contracts, building to a powerful final minute, and showcasing an artist that should be far more appreciated than he is.

110. Sunny Day Real Estate – Pillars (mp3) from How It Feels To Be Something On (4:57) [Time Remaining: 494:05]

I went backwards with Sunny Day Real Estate – getting their third album before their first two, so How It Feels To Be Something On has far more weight for me than Diary does.  (Which is why it has 2 songs on this list, and none for Diary, despite the widespread belief that Diary is more influential.)

“Pillars” is the opening track of the album, and it’s moody and downtrodden, and was definitive the 19 year-old version of me.  Even now, 12 years later, it’s still close to perfect.  And while I don’t need it for the same reasons I did (read: angst), the fact that I identified with it so strongly then makes it comfortable now.