1000 Minutes: Andy #53

This morning’s post is going to be a short-ish one, simply because I am writing it less than 2 hours before I’m going to post it, and I have to get ready for work.  I was in NYC this past weekend to see friends, and see the Mets win 2 games, so I didn’t have time to write over the weekend.  If you don’t know what this project is all about, take a look at the explanation, and my full list here.

107. John Mayer – In Your Atmosphere (mp3) from Where The Light Is: Live In Los Angeles (5:46) [Time Remaining: 510:12]

This song was my most played in 2007, not because I was in the throes of a break-up, but because it’s such an intensely personal song that I had to repeat it.  It’s more than likely that I will never date Jennifer Love Hewitt, or even have a girlfriend who lives in LA, but I can wholly identify with the sentiment that “I’d die if I saw you; I’d die if I didn’t see you” because I have certainly felt that way.

There’s a section right at the end of this song that’s almost an afterthought, that is beautiful and relevant with the connectedness of circles of friends (and the advent of Facebook).  And, now that I think about it, maybe a bit creepy.

108. The Commodores – Easy (mp3) from Commodores (4:16) [Time Remaining: 506:05]

While my Sunday this week wasn’t particularly easy since I had to drive 6 hours back to Rochester, how could anyone not love this song?  Sing along.  Belt it out.  You know you want to.