1000 Minutes: Andy #48

It’s been 3 weeks exactly since I did an installment of this, so if you’re unfamiliar with my personal list, go here to check the whole thing out.  If you’re caught up, read on:

97. Blitzen Trapper – Furr (mp3) from Furr (4:08) [Time Remaining: 546:34]

Dave and I started this blog about 14 months ago now (if you couldn’t tell by all our references to it over the past month while talking up our birthday show) – and didn’t really have any idea about what the reception to it would be.  Early on – about 3 weeks after the blog went live, Blitzen Trapper came to Rochester, and we decided to see about getting an interview with anyone in the band.  The band’s manager Matt was nice enough to allow us some time – and the band was nice enough to comply – and make us feel like we weren’t wasting our time or theirs – even if it was painfully obvious that we might have been.  And for that, I’ll always be thankful.

Beyond that support from the band, their track “Furr” is a constant favorite of mine.  It lives in my girlfriend’s car on mix CDs I made her from 2008, and it comes on every so often when we’re driving, and I sing along heartily.  There’s not much else that anyone could ask for, really.  As a bonus, I’m putting up the version of “Furr” that they played that night we saw them because it sounds fantastic, albeit a little quiet.  Turn it up and sing along yourselves.

BONUS: Blitzen Trapper – Furr (Live at the Bug Jar, Rochester NY) (mp3)

98. Cold War Kids – Rubidoux (mp3) from Robbers & Cowards (4:16) [Time Remaining: 542:18]

This is my second and final track from Robbers & Cowards.  It’s probably not the most popular one, but I’ve always found it one of the more intense tracks on the album, and that’s why it finds itself here.  It’s a nervous, jumpy road-tripping track that makes me listen 2 or 3 times whenever I hear it.