1000 Minutes: Andy #44

I’m not feeling particularly long-winded today, so let’s jump right in to the next installment of my 1000 Minutes Project, which, if you’re unfamiliar, can be recapped here.  If you’re up-to-speed, read on:

89. The Strokes – Someday (mp3) from Is This It (3:07) [Time Remaining: 581:41]

When The Strokes’ seminal Is This It was released, I was a bit of a latecomer.  That’s not to say that I hadn’t heard what they were doing; it was more that I simply didn’t find “Hard to Explain” and “Last Nite” all that gripping.  (Apparently I’m not easily impressed by hype.)  And then I heard “Someday” and caved instantly, purchasing the album as quickly as I could.  Looking back and listening now, all the songs seem to have ended up on fairly equal footing, but “Someday” still makes it onto party playlists because of my particular affinity for it.

90. The Walkmen – In the New Year (mp3) from You & Me (4:23) [Time Remaining: 577:18]

I’m not a big fan of The Walkmen; You & Me was my introduction to their music.  Despite my lack of familiarity with the rest of their catalog, “In the New Year” has stuck in my head since the first time I heard it.  The song is honest and hopeful about the process of getting older, falling in and out of love, and watching your friends experience the same.  In short, it’s honest about life for me lately, and it’s (surprisingly) not wholly uncomfortable.

  • Deucemckenzie

    Those are two great picks. Both are still on my end of the decade mix CD list. (Been widling that down for 6 months now, still at 50+ tracks, don't think it's gonna happen). I especially like that Walkmen song. The intensity of the vocal performance and the interaction with the soulful organ really dials up that raw/warm sound that they do so well. It's interesting to see Hamilton Leithauser sing this song live. He strains every line even harder to the point where if they had put it to tape it that way, it would sound ridiculous on record. When I saw them down at the TLA I thought for sure that bits of his vocal chords might come flying out of his mouth at any time.

    Someday is the kind of delicate, poppy rock song that represents what I feel The Strokes do best. I have this preconception that it is the Albert Hammond Jr. influenced material (based on his solo stuff), but I have no idea if that is at all valid.

  • tympanogram

    My opinion: open your Best of the Decade mix to a double CD and have at it. Or, make it an mp3 CD. And send me a copy.

  • Deucemckenzie

    You are right, why should I cut things back. I mean trying to pick my one favorite Nickleback song is like trying to decide which of my children gets to live. Do you still want a copy of that mix CD?