1000 Minutes: Andy #43

This past weekend I ran across someone’s blog that said they liked our blog for “all the wrong reasons,” inferring implying that we weren’t indie enough, and – by extension – too mainstream.  And, maybe that’s true.  I haven’t ever thought to write about anything than that to which I personally respond (whether positively or negatively, although it’s generally the former), and I think it would be disingenuous of me to post something simply because it could be popular or because no one else had before.  To be fair, the person did say that we kept the kind of music blog that he or she would, but it was kind of backhanded.  Either way, we appreciate that people are reading, and that people respond to what we write.  And with that out of the way, let’s get back into my 1000 Minutes project.

87. Bon Iver – Re: Stacks (mp3) from For Emma, Forever Ago (6:08) [Time Remaining: 587: 35]

To be entirely honest, I think this entire album could eventually end up on this list, but for now, I’ll start here.  “Re: Stacks” was one of my earliest introductions to Bon Iver, and the song is sparse and crushing all at once.  It deals with the isolation that affects each of us at different times, and concludes with the songwriter’s liberation from it.  It’s so universal that everyone can take from it individually.  If I had the appropriate words, I’d describe it further, but it’s impossible for me to add anything to it.

88. DJ Shadow – You Made It feat. Chris James (mp3) from The Outsider (2:47) [Time Remaining: 584:48]

It’s hard for me to develop complete sentences to articulate my love for this song.  Breathtaking.  Most descriptions come out in fragment form – a single adjective. Surrounding.  I never found out much about Chris James, but his vocal on this song is irrefutably stunning.  Striking.  Astonishing.  It’s not often I feel limited verbally, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are things out there that can still render me so.

  • CMS

    as someone who's been following your blog since the beginning (but am only now posting a comment – sorry!), i wouldn't worry at all about being “too mainstream”. for one, it's hardly a valid assessment given your posts – just listening to top 40 radio makes that clear. more importantly, i've appreciated your positive approach to sharing/discussing music you genuinely love. the blogger got one thing right: you do keep a music blog worth emulating. keep it up 🙂

  • tympanogram

    Thank you very much! We'll keep it up as long as people are reading. And probably after people stop as well.

  • TJ_ONeill

    Wait, so if you're too mainstream, then what the hell does that make me?


    PS: Keep up the awesome work.

  • tympanogram

    TJ – Thanks!

    But if you're accused of being too mainstream, then people just aren't paying enough attention.