1000 Minutes: Andy #42

With today’s post, I’ve now used up 400 minutes of this project in 2 song increments over the course of nearly a year. I wonder sometimes why we framed this project in terms of time – and not entire albums or an arbitrary number of songs.  And while any answers I can come up with lack any specificity, I have concluded that it’s a modern take on a question that will always be mulled over by music aficionados.  What’s worthy of our time?  When we really boil down the constant barrage of music we subject ourselves to, to what do we feel a lasting connection?  It’s not mash-ups, or dubstep, or crabcore – yet.  And I’ll tell you what, my as-of-yet-unfinished 1000 Minutes playlist is phenomenal.  Let’s get back into my next two choices:

85. Red House Painters – Revelation Big Sur (mp3) from Songs For a Blue Guitar (5:51) [Time Remaining: 598:25]

There’s a section of this blog, over in the sidebar where we both have a brief “About the Author” blurb for anyone who cares to read it.  Dave’s is a pun on his last name, and mine disparages my parents and friends for their respective musical tastes.  So, neither contain much real information about either of us.  But there’s a quote just after my “About the Author” that rings true for me.  It’s from Almost Famous, and Red House Painters are the one band that found me in my car.

It was a snowy, slush filled afternoon in January, and WBER played the original Songs For a Blue Guitar version of “Have You Forgotten.”  I literally pulled my car into a parking lot, listened to the whole thing, and called the station to figure out what I had just heard.  And then I bought the CD.  “Revelation Big Sur” was revelatory from the first time I heard it.  It unfurls deliberately and slow, taking time to really think about what it is that it wants to say.  It’s gorgeous and honest and unforgettable.

86. Ra Ra Riot – Oh, La (mp3) from The Rhumb Line (4:42) [Time Remaining: 593:43]

This is my second (and last) indispensable track from Ra Ra Riot’s 2008 The Rhumb Line.  It tugs at my portion of the thread that ties us all together as humans.  Many days are ugly, many times we’re ugly to one another – and then a tragedy befalls people we have no personal connection to (other than our shared existence) – and the outpouring of generosity and support is immediate and uplifting to watch.  (Read: Haiti.)  And with it, my hope for and faith in humanity is renewed once more.