1000 Minutes: Andy #40

We’ve been off of these for a while, and hope that we have new readers since the last time we did, so if you need an explanation or some background on what we’re trying to accomplish with this list, please go here.  If you’re up to speed already, then read on.

81. Third Eye Blind – Wounded (mp3) from Blue (4:51) [Time Remaining: 618:21]

Third Eye Blind’s sophomore album Blue was released not long after I went through a significant break-up.  Granted, at 20 everything seems as though it’s significant, and weight is given to experiences that generally don’t deserve it, but this was different.  I won’t delve into the why and how and all that, but I think I would have treaded a much different path in life had it not been for this particular relationship.

I was never particularly enamored with Third Eye Blind; I liked “Semi-Charmed Life,” but that’s hardly unique.  I bought Blue on a whim, and found the majority of it to be marginal, except for “Wounded.”  The song isn’t about the collapse of a relationship, but I found it wildly applicable to my own situation, and wore it out hoping for some kind of reconciliation that never ended up coming.  My love for “Wounded” is ill-advised and strange, now that I write about it, but unshakeable regardless.

82. Page France – Glue (mp3) from Hello, Dear Wind (3:45) [Time Remaining: 614:36]

Now-defunct Page France probably won’t ever receive the proper praise that they are due, despite blogs like this (that reach a relatively minute audience) will continue to sing it.  Their sophomore album Hello, Dear Wind, was released in 2006, and I was introduced to it through the show Weeds, which used their song “Chariot” during a scene.  After finding that song, I picked a couple more tracks off of blogs, and became enraptured with the simple, almost worshipful “Glue.”

The song is as wistful as the album’s title – a breath of fresh air when I often need it.  It’s a perfect track from a near-perfect album.

  • inkpen

    In case it matters, or if you’re keeping score: It’s a dead heat for me, but Andy is winning with the mere inclusion of Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. I might have picked “Paper Kitten Nightmare”, “so meow, meow, meow, enchante moi.”

  • Andy

    I’ll have to step my game up in order to stay ahead then.

  • inkpen

    You also have Page France within the same list, making me suspect you’ve somehow bugged my headphones. Very odd. Carry on.