1000 Minutes: Andy #39

I wrote today’s post in two separate parts, and both songs ended up being rather depressing.  That wasn’t intentional – especially this week when the focus is on family and giving thanks.  It must be some cruel cosmic thing that is forcing me to be somewhat disheartened in my writing, despite the fact that I’m not in any facet of the rest of my life.

This will be my last 1000 Minutes post for 2009.  It’s been an interesting exercise so far, to be sure, and spreading it out forces me to really examine what it is I actually enjoy most rather than what I’m into right-at-this-second.  By the way, this is my last 1000 Minutes post because we’re going to start our “Best of 2009” posts next Monday and take those through the end of the year.  Be on the lookout for our list starting next Monday.  And if you just want to catch up on what I’ve been talking about for the past year, you can review everything here.

79. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great (mp3) from Sound of Silver (6:26) [Time Remaining: 627:22]

It probably would have been somewhat easier to write about “Daft Punk is Playing At My House,” but the winding, blip-filled, somber track that is “Someone Great” is far more affecting.

I’m certain that there is a specific person and/or meaning to this song for James Murphy; I’ve read speculation about whom the song may have been written, but the subject matter is easily transferable, and that’s what makes it so spectacular.  On a personal level, my grandmother passed away the month prior to the release of Sound of Silver, and “Someone Great” was immediately a favorite then, and it continues to be one today.

80. Patty Griffin – Rain (mp3) from 1000 Kisses (4:10) [Time Remaining: 623:12]

While perusing one of my favorite blogs the other day, I ran across a post about Patty Griffin.  In the comments on the post, someone mentioned that Ms. Griffin’s album 1000 Kisses should be “required listening.”  And while I have listened to it – quite often – I played it through again to remind myself.  It’s an overwhelming album – filled with themes of loss, longing and death – and it’s beautifully written.

“Rain” leads the album off in stunning fashion, developing slowly for the listener.  Griffin’s alto trembles, starting softly and becoming much more dynamic as the song continues.  Griffin is an impeccable songwriter; it would be hard for me to think of someone who can command a listener’s attention as well as she does.

  • blade

    i hooked up with a random who’s boyfriend had died in a car accident. she played me this song.