1000 Minutes: Andy #36

Dave was nice to point out last week that the numbering of my list was off, so I went back and fixed up the time remaining and numbering of the songs.  If you care, you can check out the corrected list of tracks here.  And if you’ve been following the whole time and don’t need to look back, then read on:

73. Dear and The Headlights – Sweet Talk (mp3) from Small Steps, Heavy Hooves (2:57) [Time Remaining: 653:35]

There’s something cathartic about this song for me, and for no particular reason.  It deals with the aftermath of a break-up – when it’s obvious that one side didn’t want it to happen.  Since hearing the song, I haven’t had a relationship end, but if I were to have it happen, this song would undoubtedly make things better.

I’ve been on all sides of a break-up, and in whichever role I’ve been required to play, it’s difficult to come to the realization that a relationship has run its course.  And while it may be difficult to see that a former significant other has moved on before you have, this song is enough to make one believe that eventually everything will be OK.

74. Sloan – Coax Me (mp3) from Twice Removed (3:27) [Time Remaining: 650:08]

Despite Rochester’s proximity to the US/Canada border (really, it’s about an hour and a half from me), we don’t get inundated with Canadian bands.  The radio (when I listened to it) didn’t play anything of substance from Canada other than Our Lady Peace, who really fell off after that album with “Clumsy” on it.  I had friends from Canada, however, and every time I’d visit I’d hear bands like I Mother Earth and Moist and Matthew Good Band and The Tea Party.  I ended up with Much Music from my trips north of the border.

Sloan, however, has always been my favorite discovery.  I don’t have a lot of their albums, but I do have Twice Removed and their live album – 4 Nights at The Palais Royale.  This particular song reminds me of my brother; each time we made a can of orange juice, we’d sing it, despite it being about Kurt Cobain (or so I hear).  And plus, “it’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans” is one of the best lines in a song.  Ever.