1000 Minutes: Andy #35

I’m feeling somewhat introspective this morning, so I’m getting into a couple of tracks that are pretty intensely personal.  If you have no idea why they’re numbered and what the Time Remaining means, take a second to catch up on my personal take on The Project here.  Once you’re up to speed, lets get reflective:

71. Ryan Adams – So Alive (mp3) from Rock N Roll (3:58) [Time Remaining: 660:16]

If you don’t already know the story behind the release of Rock N Roll, allow me to give you a brief rundown.  It was recorded in its entirety in two weeks as an appeasement to Ryan Adams’ label after their disappointment with the tracks that would become Love Is Hell.  The album has its detractors and its devoted following – as do all of Ryan Adams’ albums.  Consider me firmly on the devoted follower side, although I’m not as firmly entrenched as others.

“So Alive” is the centerpiece of the album, to be sure.  The music is upbeat, the lyrics are much more dynamic than Ryan’s general melancholy, and listening to it feels to me like spinning in circles.  It’s a song that quite literally forces me to digest it for periods of time.  Listening to it once requires at least another 5 listens to take it all in properly.  Writing about it required a cool dozen spins to obtain a proper handle on suitable words.  This is a song that makes me want to write about music because – even having listened to it innumerable times since its release, I’m still so taken aback by how truly incredible it is.

72. We Are Scientists – This Scene Is Dead (mp3) from With Love and Squalor (3:44) [Time Remaining: 656:32]

I bought the debut from We Are Scientists on a whim after being intrigued by the serrated rock of their first single – “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.”  The album became a bit of an obsession for me, and it dominated the soundtrack of quite a few nights of drinking that summer.  (My pal Ryan moved across the country about 3 years ago now, and he said that to this day he’s unable to listen to the album without missing that summer.)

We Are Scientists didn’t take themselves particularly seriously, and their debut made it seem as though they were just intent on having a good time with their music, and that’s subsequently all I’ve ever enjoyed it for.  It was great for driving, better for pre-gaming and ideal for drinking games – particularly 99 around our place.  This song is still tops on my drinking playlists.