1000 Minutes: Andy #13

I’m not feeling particularly verbose this morning, so we’ll get right into the next installment of my 1000 Minutes Project.

28.  Tricky – Christiansands (mp3) from Pre-Millennium Tension (3:54) [Time Remaining: 833:08]

While I’ve heard other songs by Tricky, I’ve never been as drawn to them as I was to this particular one. Never elevating his voice to more than a guttural growl, Tricky’s unique sprechgesang is at its most muscular here, complimenting the dark nature of the track. And while the force of the lyrics may not be conveyed by Tricky’s almost wistful delivery, they’ve always been personally insightful on the true nature of a relationship:

“You and me, what does that mean? Always, what does that mean? Forever, what does that mean? It means we’ll manage, I’ll master your language, and in the meantime I’ll create my own.”

29. Pedro the Lion – Magazine (mp3) from Control (4:01) [Time Remaining: 829:07]

Have you ever had a song that described your sentiments exactly – a song that, in your breathless frustration you could simply play for the object of your feeling, and he or she would immediately feel a) sympathy, b) shamed, c) regret, d) an overwhelming desire to sleep with you?

A scathing rebuke of Christians who are more concerned with appearances than actual piety, this song was immediately my favorite off of an album that is easily one of my favorites. And while making other people listen to it has never elicited any of the above, it was nice to have my personal feelings validated as important enough to have a song written about them.

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  • Egrabal

    Oh you bastard, I was this close to writing about that Tricky song. Now I can’t talk about it for a while.

  • Andy


    Actually, no, I’m not sorry.

  • Egrabal

    Chew on your own foot.

  • Andy

    Sometimes, Dave, your words can be very hurtful.

  • Sorry – I’m do appreciate the Tricky – but on this one he needs to CLEAR HIS THROAT.

  • Valentino

    Why don’t you two just have sex already