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[stream] Introducing // Decades

It seems apropos to end 2012 with a band that’s named for a measurement of time. Decades hail simply from Canada; they don’t give any indication of their specific whereabouts in that nation’s vast expanse. (If someone wanted to make assumptions, it might be safe to say that they’re from Toronto, judging by the fact… Continue Reading

[stream] Ducktails // Letter of Intent

Today marks my first purchase of an album that will be released in 2013: Ducktails’ The Flower Lane, which drops on January 29th. I wasn’t crazy about Ducktails’ previous effort, 2011’s Arcade Dynamics; like most people who have ears (and use them to absorb indie rock), I liked “Killin the Vibe”, but I didn’t give… Continue Reading

[stream] Teen Mom // I Wanna Go Out

I’ve been out of the new music game for quite a while now. Limited browsing of music sites, almost no sampling wares in the usual available digital spaces, and – the biggest departure – little to no music blog perusal. I’ve had occasional luck in catching mention of something new and pressing from old standards… Continue Reading

[stream] Real Estate // Exactly Nothing

I’ve been a poor blogger lately. I’ve not found much to be interested in for various reasons, and thus posts have been few and far between from my typing digits. Searching for quick inspiration, I found some in and old standby. Real Estate’s latest single, “Easy,” from 2011’s superb Days is getting its own 7″… Continue Reading