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[video] Com Truise // Terminal

Here’s the video for Com Truise’s “Terminal,” the first song on his 2011 LP Galactic Melt. It looks like it’s old abandonware, made on an old computer from the 1980’s. It may just make your mind melt into a string of randomly sequenced numbers. Continue Reading

[video] These Electric Lives // Pull The Trigger (Live at HeartstringsTV)

If you’re like me and don’t know what HeartstringsTV is, I’ll let their About section do the talking: HeartstringsTV is the collective creation of two filmmakers, one advertising executive and a whole lot of love for live music. Formed in 2010, the Toronto-based film production company specializes in filming the complete spectrum of live music performances.… Continue Reading

[video] Vacationer // Everyone Knows

I’ve been listening to nothing but Vacationer’s Gone since it was released this past Tuesday. Combined with the unseasonable weather, it’s unstoppable. Of particular note is the first track on the album, the arresting “Everyone Knows” which sets the rest of the release in motion. The band released this video for the track a couple of… Continue Reading

[video] Tanlines // All Of Me

I haven’t had the chance to give Mixed Emotions a listen as of yet, but I’m excited to. The video for the album’s second track “All Of Me” was released yesterday, and amped my readiness to give the album a proper listen. By the time this post goes up and you’ve had the chance to… Continue Reading