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[video] Tenacious D // To Be The Best

I’ve never been a big fan of novelty metal duo Tenacious D; sure, I can sing along with “Fuck Her Gently” like any other warm blooded human, but my appreciation doesn’t go beyond that. And with the pair’s new album, Rize of The Fenix, I can’t imagine that stance is going to change. That said,… Continue Reading

[video] Sigur Rós // Ekki Múkk

Four years really is too long. It’s that agonising length of time I mainly associate with the gap between football (soccer) World Cups. Recently, however, it’s become associated with Sigur Rós. It was June 2008 when the Icelandic post-rockers released their last studio albumMeð suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Since then, front man Jónsi… Continue Reading

[video] Bear Driver // Big Love

Bear Driver is a six-piece band that dredges up the mid-90’s rock that I loved so much. They sound like they’re bored with the whole experience, and that’s exactly what makes them endearing. “Big Love” is the Leeds-based band’s newest single, which was released yesterday on Adventure Club. The band has a full-length coming out… Continue Reading

[video] The Horrors // Changing The Rain

I didn’t pay any attention to The Horrors’ album, Skying, from last year. I honestly don’t think I listened to it once. Whether or not I might be missing something is for you all to chastise me about, but based on this song, I’m not certain if you’ll convince me to give it a chance.… Continue Reading