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Thoughts On Four Years: or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

I usually like to mark our momentous occasions with some kind of post, and today – the four-year anniversary of the start of this blog – is no exception to that. I thought about putting together a mix of Track 4s, but that’s not going to happen, mostly because the likelihood of finding a bunchContinue Reading

So long…for good

(The crux of this remains true, which is why it remains published. However, I obviously have returned, though in a much diminished capacity.) In many ways, it’s surprising I ever began writing a music blog. What I mean is, it’s odd that I ever engaged in the publicness of this venture, with its endless needContinue Reading

[memoriam] On Losing My iPod

I had my iPod stolen out of my car this past weekend; it was a four year old, 80G Classic, which was perfect for me since it held a lot of music (though I had long since filled it) and didn’t have a bunch of space wasting apps. Looking beyond the fact that I failedContinue Reading

[television] The Newsroom

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit for this week’s post by writing about a television show. Normally and predictably, I take the time to share my thoughts on sort of musical artifact, which is not surprising considering this is a blog dedicated to music. That said, I’d like to try my hand atContinue Reading

So Long For Now

And with this post, tympanogram will be going (relatively) dark. We don’t want to go all Hipster Runoff and say we’re quitting and then come back the next Monday like nothing happened, so we may appear every so often if something really strikes our fancy, but there isn’t going to be regular posting here anymore.Continue Reading