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[review] Death Grips // NO LOVE DEEP WEB

By now you should have heard Death Grips’ NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Or, at the very least, you should have heard about it. The erect penis on the cover, the blatant “fuck you” the band gave their label when they were told it wouldn’t be released until next year by putting it out immediately and… Continue Reading

[album review] Jimmy Cliff // Rebirth

On its surface, reggae can appear to be a simple artform. Rhythms and melodies are remarkebly similar among different artists and bands, with differentiators peaking through in the form of catchy bass lines, a B-3 Hammond, or perhaps a brass instrument or two. Yet, there are certain reggae artists who have shone brighter than others.… Continue Reading

[review] Purity Ring // Shrines

Sometime in the beginning of 2011, Purity Ring’s “Ungirthed” started circulating through blogs and mix CDs and podcasts, firmly entrenching its sputtering saccharine sound in the minds of those who like to keep abreast of the outer edges of pop music. There was a vinyl single released, along with a couple of additional songs to… Continue Reading

[review] Frank Ocean // Channel Orange

I’ve been thinking a lot about Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange over the past week; I’ve been listening to it quite often, and I’ve been trying to place it in some wider context. On the one hand, I think it’s admirable that Ocean’s recently professed sexuality makes the album a more interesting listen since the pronouns… Continue Reading

[review] Red Alder // Hyper Vertical

Kelsie Brown has been releasing a steady stream of quiet, ethereal bedroom pop on her bandcamp page under the name Red Alder for over a year. Last week, on June 24, she announced that an entire album’s worth of older tracks were going to be released, and this is that album. Though the songs aren’t… Continue Reading