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[stream] Local Natives // You & I (Local Natives Remix)

local natives you and i remix cover

If you were confused by the title of this post, I don’t blame you. I was too, thinking it was some kind of strange misprint that Local Natives were remixing their own song, but it’s the honest truth. Here, the band takes the first track on their 2013 sophomore standout Hummingbird and gives it a new spin, bolstering the song’s original melancholy with a pulsing, brooding undercurrent.

And even better than new output from Local Natives is the fact that you can download the remix for free.

[stream] MS MR // Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

ms mr secondhand rapture coverIf you’re anything like us, you want to lord it over people when you knew about a band before they did. You want them to know that if they had just fucking listened to what you were talking about, they could have shared in your smug glory. And if you’re not like that, then stop reading music blogs, because that’s what this entire process is about. Get ready, because I’m about to do exactly that shit that I just described.

Go back and look. You’ll find that we talked about MS MR way back in August 2011; if you look at Hype Machine, you’ll see that we’re right there among the first to have picked up what they were putting down. And now they’ve attained some superstardom status, with their songs being used by the likes of HBO and reaching the pinnacle of the popular pages on Hype Machine and all that. An unofficial, shaky conclusion: there’s a direct link between a band blowing the fuck up and being posted on tympanogram.

I bring this up because the band’s debut album, Secondhand Rapture, is due out this coming Tuesday, and it would behoove you to take the time to listen to it. You might not have the first time we told you to, and you might make that same mistake in the future. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The whole affair is streaming on Hype Machine, but we’re particularly enamored of this rework of “Hurricane” that was done by fellow capitalization-heavy outfit CHVRCHES. Put on your most sequined shirt and let’s go dancing.

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[stream] KOPPS // L.A. Lights (David Lee Rad Remix)

KOPPS L.A. Lights

Rochester’s KOPPS have been a budding band throughout 2011, with Kyle O’Hara producing infectious synth-pop melodies that are carried on the shoulders of singer Patricia Patrone’s vocals – and a powerful set of vocals they are.

The group turned a new page with the high-quality production on their single “L.A. Lights” with the help of Joywave’s Dan Armbruster. Contributing to the Rochester love-fest, local DJ David Lee Rad has given it the remix treatment, creating a downtempo, stutter-step version that is blissed out in a totally different direction than the original. Makes sense being a remix, right? But David injects a bit of hip-hop style to the mix. Add in some synth twirls and whirls, and you’re left with a number that’s as catchy as the original. Never one to be a huge fan of remixes, this one’s a keeper for sure.

Connect with David Lee Rad // Twitter | Soundcloud

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[stream] Gauntlet Hair // Keep Time (Pressed And Remix)

If you aren’t aware at this point, we really like Gauntlet Hair around here. Their noisy, reverb-soaked songs hit our collective ears just right. We saw the band perform at last year’s NxNE; I think Will saw them open for Unknown Mortal Orchestra this past October as well. If you’re a fan of the band, it’s worth it to see them live: their energy and complete lack of enunciation/lyrical understandability is translated into a live setting.

My fondness for the Denver outfit, however, made me immediately skeptical of this remix that was sent our way. We don’t often go in for remixes, but since it was Gauntlet Hair, I pressed play. Pressed And, whose fragmented name seems like it’s just waiting for some closure, turned “Keep Time,” from Gauntlet Hair’s 2011 self-titled debut, into a chopped, twitchy anthem that falls more in line with their own EP, Imbue Up, from last year. It doesn’t make the song any easier to understand, and it’s warped the vocals even further, screwing with pitch and making it something that both bands can claim as their own. It’s an interesting exercise, for sure.

As it turns out, that EP from Pressed And was released through Crash Symbols as an edition of 100, and as I write this there is only one copy remaining. If you like what they’ve done here, you might want to scoop that last copy of up for your very own at the Crash Symbols Bandcamp page.

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[mp3] In Brief :: Oberhofer // Dead Girls Dance (Way Yes remix)

While doing some research for a concert preview of the band I wrote up earlier today, I came across this remix from Way Yes and felt it worth mentioning, even if only in passing. Andy first wrote about Way Yes almost exactly one year ago when discussing their track “Johanna.” I’m only vaguely familiar with the name of Oberhofer – the author of the remixed original – so I’m lacking in the way of knowledge of their original material. I’m unaware of the differences between it and the remix, and in the interest of time and brevity I’ll leave it to you to find the original if you so choose.

[mp3] Oberhofer // Dead Girls Dance (WAY YES Remix)

That concert with Way Yes is next Thursday, 12/8, in the worn confines of the Bug Jar.