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[stream] Case Work // Dancing Shadows

Chandler Strang is a busy individual, creating music under three separate headings: as a member of Saskatchewan (who released their debut album this past April through Father/Daughter Records), as the man behind Dromes, his outlet for programmed beats and remixes, and as Case Work – a kind of catch-all for the rest of his disparate… Continue Reading

[stream] Yellow Ostrich // Shades

“Shades” is the first taste of Yellow Ostrich’s new album, Cosmos, that will be released on February 25th through Barsuk. The track starts out innocently enough, working around a psychedelic guitar riff that underscores the entire affair before coming exquisitely to bear in the latter third. “Shades” is the type of work that live shows build… Continue Reading

[stream] Hibou // Hide Away

It’s been a long year. I’m back in school and still working full-time on top of those classes, so finding time to sit down and blog has been something of a rarity for me. In some sense, that constant busyness makes me appreciate good music that much more when I find it, as I am… Continue Reading

[stream] New Madrid // Manners

New Madrid calls the indie rock mecca of Athens, Georgia home, though the majority of the band’s members hail from Tennessee. On “Manners”, the first single from the upcoming Sunswimmer, the band encapsulates that scorched summer drive south from their home state to its adopted one. There’s a case of cold beer in the backseat… Continue Reading