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[stream] Mac Demarco // Passing Out Pieces

‘Surprised’ is not the right word for me to use when describing my reaction to Mac Demarco’s recent ascension to Pitchfork darling. Intrigued might be better. Undoubtedly, Demarco has slogged his way around Toronto for at least the past five years, first with his band Makeout Videotape, and now, striking out on his own. I’m… Continue Reading

[review] Hospitality // Trouble

I’ve had Hospitality’s newest effort, Trouble, knocking around in my head for the better part of a week until its recent displacement by that swirly Holy Wave album. It’s the Brooklyn band’s second full length, and while second albums require swift and immediate comparisons to any band’s first release, Trouble is good enough to stand… Continue Reading

[stream] Holy Wave // Shamania

Austin’s Holy Wave have had me wracking my brain for apt comparisons; at first I leaned toward a less-pretentious version of Foxygen, but after listening to their new album, Relax, on repeat for the past couple of days, I’ve realized that that’s not a particularly good association. Holy Wave is less produced and more hell… Continue Reading