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[stream] Liars // WIXIW

HI! Welcome back! (Cool…that first day of school, excited bullshit is out of my system.) (And now back to our regularly scheduled program…) (Here is a non-review review.) How do you define something that doesn’t follow a pattern, typically defies expectations, and zigs just when you are expecting it to zag? That’s the key question… Continue Reading

[video] Titus Andronicus // New Song(s) (Live)

Earlier this week, Titus Andronicus tweeted: “#NEWSHIT #LP3 jams gettin’ leaked all over YouTube.” This immediately made me perk up as their 2010 album The Monitor was my favorite release of that year (narrowly beating out Future Islands’ In Evening Air.) Quicker than Usain Bolt, I clicked on that link and found a fan-shot concert video that… Continue Reading

[video] Poliça // Lay Your Cards Out

I really, really enjoy Wikipedia. I often find myself aimless wandering about through the dusty (or at least I tell myself it is dusty, so that it feels like an ancient library) channels and hallways of the online encyclopaedia. (And if you have never tried this, I dare you to give it a shot. Just… Continue Reading

[video] Atmosphere // Became

If one were to debate the royalty of underground hip hop, the boys of Atmosphere would most definitely belong in the conversation. The Minnesota boys — Slug and Ant — have been going strong for over 15 years. They continue to dazzle and deliver strong, thoughtful music. Last year’s The Family Sign was criminally overlooked… Continue Reading

[video] Chromatics // Lady

Yeaaaah. Not sure what else to say?! This song/video are fucking awesome. I needed to pass thing along. Enjoy. Can’t wait for this album. (Not really being eloquent right now.) The new album from Chromatics was supposed to be released on Feb. 14, but it has been delayed apparently. Regardless, this is the third song… Continue Reading