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[news] The Stone Roses Resurrected!

If you haven’t already heard then you’re either comatose or non-existent. This week, on Tuesday, after cryptic clues, days of press speculation and years of hoping and dreaming, The Stone Roses announced that they are reforming. Ian, John, Mani and Reni are going to be playing two massive homecoming shows in Manchester’s Heaton Park on… Continue Reading

[mp3] The Go Round // Open Hearted

One of the things I can find most enchanting about a band that’s new to me is a distinctive singing voice. Hearing a voice with a quality all its own is something I just adore, and is one of the things that makes me love independent and alternative music so much more than processed chart… Continue Reading

[mp3] Minks // Little Fawn

Minks caused a bit of stir last year when their melancholic indie pop songs surfaced online, giving everyone desperate for another decent Cure album something to tide themselves over with. Right down from the band name to the simple riffs, there was something peculiarly sweet about the duo, despite their constant glumness. I’ve often wondered… Continue Reading

[video] Snorri Helgason // River

I really feel as if I should have heard of Snorri Helgason before now. Other than the fact that he has a hilarious name, this guy has penned a handful of Icelandic #1’s with his old band Sprengjuhöllin, was highly critically acclaimed with his 2009 solo debut I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door,… Continue Reading