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[mp3] Cloud Nothings // Stay Useless

These perky Cleveland indie rockers were whipping a lot of excitement in the latter half of 2010 with singles “Understand At All” and “Even If It Worked Out”- frantic, sugary, 2 and half minute bullets of songs. Their eponymous debut however fell shy of the standard set by those punchy little tracks, dissolving into fuzzy,… Continue Reading

[video] Nemo Achida // Nemotional

I’ll confess that I didn’t keep the watch on hip-hop in 2011 that I should have done. Between Odd Future trolling the whole universe and wondering what the hell to make of Watch The Throne, I felt like I had enough to deal with. But as we turn our eyes from 2011 to 2012, I… Continue Reading

[mp3] Josh T. Pearson // O Holy Night

Lots of things make it seem as if Josh T. Pearson has been around forever. He first appeared on the radar with the formation of now defunct Texan cult outfit Lift to Experience, back around the turn of the century. Their one album – The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads – was a far out American concept album,… Continue Reading

[video] Introducing // Hymns From Nineveh

It’s a huge matter of personal preference at this time of year regarding when it’s first acceptable to mention “the C word.” Some think it’s when the department store adverts start. Others, when the trailers for the latest interminably but irresistible saccharine romcom starring ex-Friends cast members hits the screens. Me, I think it’s when… Continue Reading

[mp3] Frightened Rabbit // The Work

It’s always a pleasant feeling when a band you’re fond of drop a surprise EP. A couple of weeks ago, earnest, anthemic Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit released a self-titled 3 song EP, and the band’s warm, intimate sound meant the release was perfectly timed with the arrival of winter in the UK. Well, the… Continue Reading