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[mp3] Manna (ft. Mark Lanegan) // Wishing Well

I’ll admit, it’s been a slow start to 2012 for me. Not a great deal in January really got me excited. Maybe it’s the prospect of a new Meat Loaf album in February that’s set my expectation bar pretty high for the year, but none of the year’s early releases really got me going. So… Continue Reading

[video] First Aid Kit // Emmylou

Johanna and Klara Söderberg hail from Stockholm, but you’d be easily forgiven for thinking they’d strolled right out of Nashville. The sisterly Swedish duo perform heartfelt, melancholic country songs, drenched in slide guitar and gorgeous Appalachian style harmonies. They released “The Lion’s Roar,” the eponymous single from their upcoming second album, back in November. This week,… Continue Reading

[video] The Tarantula Waltz // Majestic Jaws

There’s something both rewarding and condemning about discovering an artist who already has a quality album or two under their belt. The Tarantula Waltz is the moniker of Swedish singer-songwriter Markus Svensson, and he released his debut album of the same name back in 2007,  followed soon after by sophomore effort Did Not Leave To… Continue Reading

[video] LCD Soundsystem // Live Alone

I imagine that you just had the same insane, heart-in-mouth, “ZOMG-CHRISTMAS-HAS-COME-EARLY-WITH-JAMES-MURPHY-DRESSED-AS-A-HAGGARD-LOOKING-TRAMPY-SANTA” moment that I had when I first saw there was a new LCD Soundsystem video up for grabs. Sadly, James Murphy is not resurrecting his old project. What we have here is a newly directed video for the band’s cover of Franz Ferdinand’s “Live… Continue Reading

[Best of 2011] Rhys’ List

I don’t really feel like 2011 has been one of those years where one album or artist has just dominated indie music press coverage like we’ve seen in the past couple of years. We’ve had nothing like 2010-style Kanye, no world conquering magnum-opus like Merriweather Post Pavillion, no truly incendiary debut like Myths of the Near Future.… Continue Reading