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[listen] Fort Jams // Jacket Inside

Fort Jams is the superbly named project of Long Beach, CA resident and one-man band, Joel Bond. A man of many talents, Bond mastered each step in the production of his “Jacket Inside” 7″, from playing the instruments and singing, to the recording, and even the cover art. The lead track, from whence the 7″… Continue Reading

[listen] Assorted Odds and Ends From an Occasional Blogger

I’ve come across/spent time with many things worthy of mentioning in the past few months since I last felt like writing, so, not wishing to completely give up my blogger’s membership card, I’ve decided to lump them all together in one post to minimize effort. //Small Black// Over the past several weeks I’ve been into… Continue Reading

[mp3] Benoît Pioulard // Margin

Benoît Pioulard is a name I previously recognized, yet failed to associate with any particular sound or notion. As the moniker for Michigan based singer-songwriter Thomas Meluch, the pseudonym adds a greater sense of intrigue to his persona and music – perhaps an exotic foreignness – that his given name doesn’t quite convey. This sense… Continue Reading