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[listen] Dry Heeves // 90’s Prom Song

When listening to Lubbock, Texas quartet Dry Heeves, obvious comparisons to other bands shuttled through my brain. I’ll spare all five people who read this the rehashing of that tired tactic. Comparisons aside, while the Heeves are not bent on shattering the earth with groundbreaking material, the music is in fact remarkably fun. There isn’t… Continue Reading

[listen/download] Slow Animal // The Other Side

The first notes of “The Other Side” lull you into the belief that, perhaps, a few extra years in age have softened the edges of Slow Animal’s familiar lo-fi punk sound. It doesn’t take long to shatter that thought. There is an added layer of maturation on a new track entitled “The Other Side,” but… Continue Reading

[listen] Jimi Goodwin // Oh! Whiskey

Though he was likely the driving force of the overall sound of Manchester’s Doves, if it hadn’t been evident prior, it’s obvious now with new track “Oh! Whiskey” that Jimi Goodwin was principally responsible for the band’s folk-centered jaunts. That aspect was never my favorite, but with such a varied base of styles it provided… Continue Reading

[interview] Dan from Joywave

  A few weeks ago my inbox revealed a PR email that proved, at least initially, mildly surprising. In short time however, it made complete sense. I receive a good deal of email from this particular agency, so it wasn’t that I received written relations of a public nature from them, but rather that its… Continue Reading

[listen] Yumi Zouma // The Brae

Whenever a brand new artist unleashes their work upon the world, it’s easy to wonder how much a labor of love it has been for everyone involved. The months or years of effort and practice the musicians lent to working and reworking material laid out for judgement and enjoyment. The promotion of said work and… Continue Reading