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[retrospective] A Look Back To My 2002

Due to the rapid success of the reemergence of Tympanogram, I have been nostalgic all week. The natural cure for a nostalgic mood is to take a long walk down memory lane and relive age-old memories with the (false) intention of aiding future progress. My treat to myself was reliving music from 10 years past… Continue Reading

[review] Paul Weller // Sonik Kicks

Paul Weller’s not new to the game, and his post-Jam solo career has enjoyed some lofty heights. Going solo can be a killer for many a bandleader, but after leading two bands through 10.5 albums and 11 individual solo works, it’s safe to say that the Modfather hasn’t lost his step. His only misstep is… Continue Reading

[review] Porter Ricks // Biokinetics (Reissue)

Tympanogram Grade: A+ The reissue of Porter Ricks’ Biokinetics provides a welcomed opportunity to revisit one of the most important moments in electronic music from the 1990s. Biokinetics was many things: the first (legendary) full-length release on the seminal Chain Reaction label, a rare classic that rewarded listeners who could track it down when it… Continue Reading