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SG Lewis // No Less (feat. Louis Mattrs)

During my time away from the blog world, my now-wife and I spent a lot of time a) wedding planning and b) catching up on various television series that we had, for one reason or another, neglected. One such show was the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vehicle Ballers that was on HBO, which was basically… Continue Reading

Beach Slang // Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

It’s been a while, friends. If I’m honest, I probably could have predicted this near-total shutdown of listening to/caring about anything happening in the music world after wrapping myself up in so much other stuff – school, getting married, getting a new job. But man, that itch just never really leaves, does it? I know… Continue Reading

[stream] Leon Bridges // Coming Home

My, how the months just slip away from us. I had intentions – the best of them – for writing more consistently in this space, and then I had to go and get a new job and take a few classes, and my best laid plans just went completely awry. But that doesn’t mean I’m… Continue Reading

Fiancé // Ivy

There’s always a twang of regret that accompanies logging in to our oft-neglected inbox. How much good stuff am I missing simply because of our backlog of messages? I make a point to visit more often, then I get busy with leading the rest of my life, and that promise inevitably falls by the wayside.… Continue Reading